Keto Diet promises rapid weight loss, but is it healthy? – Hawaii News Now

Adding high-fat cream and butter to her morning coffee is a ritual for Stephanie Rice.

“Day-to-day I start off with what’s called bulletproof coffee. It’s coffee, protein powder, some heavy cream, maybe butter. Then that keeps me full into about 2 o’clock in the afternoon,” said Rice. 

The mom of four started following the keto diet a year ago. She cut out carbohydrates, upped her protein and started eating a lot of high fat foods. The weight started falling off and she never looked back.

“I had so much weight to lose, so I motivated to stick to the diet,” Rice said. 

At her highest, Rice weighed 241 pounds. She had high blood pressure and started getting high blood sugar. Despite reservations, she hopped on the keto trend.

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