Kelly Clarkson’s Diet That She Says Changed Her Life: Everything You Need to Know! (Exclusive)

“So, you get rid of oatmeal. It’s a grain, a really nasty grain, you get rid of brown rice, you get rid of whole wheat. There’s some great substitutions that don’t have lectins. For instance, this is millet. Some people call it bird seed. Sorghum is fantastic,” he continues. “When you remove them, weight loss is the natural consequence.”

3. Choose your cooking method wisely

Dr. Gundry is a big fan of beans — after a round in the pressure cooker. 

“Beans are great for you with one problem… they are some of the highest lectin-containing foods there is. If you pressure cook them or even buy them pressure cooked, then they’re perfectly safe and really good for you, but beans by themselves are no good for you,” he explains, warning people to stay away from slow cookers.

Other ways to remove lectins in foods include boiling, fermentation, sprouting, peeling and deseeding. 

4. Skip breakfast 

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