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Getting healthy for the new year, and how to keep those New year’s resolutions for improving health and maintaining a healthy weight, was the topic of Talking Health on News Radio 1240 KQEN recently.
Host Lisa Platt talked with Jenny Wood, a registered dietician/nutritionist with CHI Mercy Health and Dave Powell, the owner and trainer at CrossFit Roseburg.

The following is an edited version of the interview from the program on Jan. 29.
Lisa: How much exercise should we have on a regular basis?
Dave: For the average person, depending on what your goals are, on your age and other factors, generally between two to five times a week. Three to four would be safe for the majority of the population.
Lisa: Give us some advice on how we can keep ourselves inspired to want to exercise.
Dave: I think everyone has to have goals, and everyone’s goals are going to be something completely different, but I like to see four or five short term goals that you can reach in two months or less.
Then two to three medium goals and one long term goal that’s going to take you a year.
I like the short term goals that are going to be something someone can hit in a day or two, or maybe a week. If you don’t have those short-term goals, and you’re not seeing any progress, you’re going to get burned out and just end up quitting.

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