It’s Time To Let Evidence Dominate The Diet Discussion

What do they propose instead?

Teicholz and Taubes propose a diet lower in carbohydrates (including sugar) and higher in fat, like “Atkins,” “paleo,” “ketogenic” or “South Beach,” all of which were ranked low on the U.S. News’ ranking. They explain how these low-carb high fat (LCHF) diets are well researched, and the answer to our current worldwide obesity crisis.

It seems a nice and tidy story, except it isn’t. They are saying the emperor has no clothes, when they are also naked.

Unfortunately, good evidence for reduced total mortality on LCHF diets doesn’t exist; it also doesn’t exist for DASH or Mediterranean diets either. But DASH and Mediterranean diets do at least have larger (n>500 participant) randomized controlled trials, something which LCHF diets do not.

In terms of weight loss, sticking to a diet that leads to a negative energy balance (eat less than what you burn) is what works, regardless of the diet style. Markers of health, including blood sugar and blood lipids, tend to improve during weight loss irrespective of diet, and as long as the weight loss and diet lasts.

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