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Is This ‘Diet’ Ice Cream Too Good to Be True?

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Been to Whole Foods or CVS these days? In that case, you might have been drawn in to the freezer aisle after noticing a particularly appealing-looking pint. “280 energy,” the container boasts. Um, what? So theoretically, you possibly can eat a whole pint of creamy ice cream while taking in fewer calories than a bowl of cereal? Yes, that’s proper.

Food-lovers, fitness freaks, moms, and Weight-Watchers fanatics have all stumbled upon this dessert-enabling haven within the freezer aisle. As Halo Prime’s web site explains, the creamy confection is “low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar.” What’s more, they offer a huge variety of flavors starting from Sea Salt Caramel and Mint Chip to Purple Velvet and Pistachio. Too good to be true?

Some assume so. On an online comments board, one skeptic insists, “It tastes exactly like what it’s: weight loss plan ice cream. I do not get why individuals are going crazy over these things.” Sensory panelists for Consumer Reports thought Halo Prime “had a chalky texture and lacked the fullness of normal ice cream.”

Nevertheless, some ice cream eaters like it, chalky texture and all. One school scholar even went as far as to eat only Halo Top for an entire week. PopSugar conducted a blind taste test and reported, “There was an entire lot of ‘Love!’ and ‘Scrumptious!’ and ‘Yummy!’ in our style check notes.”

Right here at The Every day Meal, we’re just as divided.

Our editor-in-chief, Susan Houriet, was underwhelmed with the taste. “I had heard nice issues about Halo Prime at Weight Watchers, however I simply couldn’t get over the aftertaste of the sweetener they use.” Whereas she reported with the ability to taste a bitter residue of artificial sweetness within the dessert, I disagree — I like it, and may’t taste a bitter aftertaste. It’s really my dessert dream come true.

Nutritionist and well being coach Cara Scinto, MS, believes the “now I can eat as a lot ice cream as I would like!” mindset that comes with the low-calorie label isn’t useful. “Sure, they’re lower in sugar, which provides some people the thought consuming a full pint is okay. Which, to be completely trustworthy, I feel is not the best health-wise.” Once we requested her why not, she responded, “First off, the sugar alcohols which might be added instead of real sugar can result in stomach problems like a stomach ache.”

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