Is there a link between HIV and high blood pressure?

People with HIV are more likely than people without the virus to have high blood pressure, in part because of treatments and repercussions of the condition itself, a new study by Wits scientists and peers has revealed. 

According to Statistics South Africa, 12.6% of the population, which is 7.06 million people were HIV positive in the middle of 2017. South Africa also has the largest HIV epidemic in the world, according to UNAIDS, with 19% of the global number of people living with HIV, 15% of new infections and 11% of Aids related deaths. As people with HIV are living longer, new problems arise such as hypertension. 

Learning more about the underlying mechanisms of high blood pressure in people with HIV is critical in preventing one of the leading conditions that can cause premature cardiovascular disease in those adults, the researchers said.

The importance of this research 

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