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Is Metformin the World’s Next Wonder Drug? Can It Block Cancer Cell Growth?

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Metformin isn’t a new drug. The truth is, it’s been used for greater than 50 years for numerous medicinal reasons including to stop or sluggish the expansion of some cancers, or as a remedy for sort 2 diabetes. Up until lately, the mechanism behind these anticancer results was unknown, however now a gaggle of HMS researchers at Massachusetts Basic Hospital might have simply discovered the reply.

The workforce discovered that there’s a clear pathway that appears to underlie the drug’s potential to cease the expansion of human cancer cells and prolong the life of the roundworm Caenorhabditis Elegans, which performs an important position in numerous totally different organisms. “We found that metformin reduces the visitors of molecules into and out of the cell’s nucleus,” suggested Alexander Soukas, an HMS assistant professor of drugs and senior writer of the research. “Decreased nuclear visitors interprets into the power of the drug to dam most cancers progress. Remarkably, this lowered visitors can also be chargeable for metformin’s potential to increase lifespan.”

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