Intermittent Fasting Diets For Reversing Diabetes

There are a lot of different approaches to intermittent fasting, ranging from alternate-day fasting to 16:8 fasting to a simple 12-hour fast. So what did the patients exact plan look like? Two of the men fasted for 24 hours one day a week, and the third man fasted for three days a week. They were allowed to drink black coffee, tea, broth, and eat one very low-calorie meal. The participants kept up with this program for 10 months, when the doctors remeasured their fasting blood glucose, average blood glucose (HbA1c), weight, and waist circumference—which are all measures of health and the severity of diabetes.

What did the results show? Incredibly, in less than a month all men completely removed their need to inject themselves with insulin. In fact, for one of the men, it took only five days for his blood sugar regulation to get to a place where he no longer needed injected insulin. All of the men lost significant weight, and two of them managed to come off all their medications (the fourth was still on one medication by the end of the study period but had reduced his number of drugs from four to one).

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