Incident at local eatery revives memories of treating son’s diabetes | Opinion

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I had a poignant flashback earlier this week. I was attending a business luncheon at a restaurant when a mother and cute|and little girl|adorable little|little girl and a mom sat down opposite me. The mom rummaged in her daughter’s backpack and pulled out a bag which I recognized the kit|pulled out a small bag which I recognized the kit and rummaged in her daughter’s backpack. She pulled out a test strip, the meter, an alcohol pad and a lance. She drew the blood and swabbed at her daughter’s finger.

“Oh, 253!” the little girl said. “That is not too bad!” I offered. I looked at her mother and asked, “still in the honeymoon period?” “Only at the tail end of it,” she replied. As she reached for the syringe, she knocked on the bottle of insulin from the desk and it smashed on the concrete floor.

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