I’m on detox from blowing cars this time: Rohit on ‘Golmaal 4’

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Rohit Shetty’s name conjures up the image of expensive cars blowing up mid air but the director said he has tried to stay away from his signature style at “Golmaal Again”.

The 43-year-old filmmaker said that he was tired of the press and reviewers’ for bashing his movies for “just having many automobile sequences”.

“I’m not blowing up cars now in. I’m in ‘Golmaal Again’ on detox. It’s a bit unfair that you do so much hard work to make a 2.5 hour film and all they talk about is how I just blow cars.

“They make it look like the moment they sat to watch the film till the time they left the theaters, it was just about that. Select any film of mine, there hasn’t been a car sequence that has surpassed two moments, maximum five,” Shetty told reporters on the collections of this film in Ramoji Film City.

The filmmaker, who’s directing the fourth film in the “Golmaal” series, is once again banking on the hit formula of celebration and fun.

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