I tried Goop’s ‘Working Girl’ detox

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Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder of Goop.
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The INSIDER Summary:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site, Goop, is known for giving out-of-the-ordinary health advice.
  • I decided to give Goop’s “Working Girl Detox” a try, which is described as an easy three-day meal plan with easy, healthy recipes.
  • I enjoyed the breakfast and the majority of the lunch recipes, although the dinners were a fail for the most part and everything was more complicated and took longer to prepare than promoted.

I’ve always been skeptical of Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand and blog. Most of her health tips seem pretty outrageous (i.e. getting stung by bees to alleviate inflammation), and her fancy vitamins could be a little too good to be true, but when I discovered a Goop diet targeted at working women with an on-the-go Way of Life,
I was intrigued.

Goop’s Working Girl Detox diet claims to be a meal plan ideal for men and women who “can not spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen.” As someone who commutes about an hour and a half to work every day, I was very interested in a healthy diet plan that would save me time in the kitchen both before and after work.

The diet was pretty straightforward. It summarizes recipes for three different meals for each day (in picture form), and states to follow the “usual detox rules,” that, according to Goop, comprise no alcohol, caffeine, added sugar, or milk.


Protein is a different kind of smoothie each day. I was originally excited about these smoothies since they do not contain bananas, the one and only food I refuse to eat. The recipes given|recipes are generally some mix of components — spinach, kale, and avocado — balanced out by tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango.

The first smoothie consisted of frozen lemon, baby spinach (which I replaced with kale), coconut milk, coconut water, and hemp seeds. It was not as thick as I would’ve liked, but the following|the two smoothies included avocado, which aided the texture of the smoothies tremendously|The following|The two smoothies contained avocado, which helped the smoothies’ feel tremendously, although it wasn’t as thick as I would have liked|It wasn’t as thick as I would’ve liked, but the following|the two smoothies contained avocado, which helped the smoothies’ feel tremendously|The next|The two smoothies included avocado, which helped the feel of the smoothies, although it was not as thick as I would have liked.

The standard smoothie ingredients.

INSIDER/Madeline Diamond

In terms of taste, the smoothies were delicious — I basically just tasted the fruit, so I had no complaints in the taste department.

All of those smoothies looked something like this.

INSIDER/Madeline Diamond

A smoothie is not the one time handiest breakfast, but in terms of flavor and being able to make me feel complete, these green drinks were a surprisingly nice start to my day.

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