How I Approached Weight Loss In A Body Positive Way MAIN

I Lost 78 Pounds—But I Only Got There By Loving Myself At My Heaviest Weight’

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I’ve all the time lived life unapologetically. Even at 360 kilos, if doorways weren’t open to me, I opened them myself. I typically joke that I crashed by means of them. I worked exhausting to never let my measurement outline me or what I used to be capable of. I never was involved with others’ opinion of my physique; if that they had a problem with my measurement, that was a reflection on them, not me.

Then, in 2015, both of my mother and father have been hospitalized at the similar time. My mother had an obstruction so giant round her heart that the docs stated she was fortunate to have woken up that morning. The whole expertise made my very own mortality very real, very fast. For the primary time, I assumed to myself, “You’re going to die someday,” and I admitted I couldn’t walk from the parking storage to my mom’s bedside at the hospital without stopping from ache.

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