I couldn’t stop eating fried food and carbohydrates until I was on the verge of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

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I just figured out how to make a major life change: Get really scared.

For years, I’d been meaning to lose weight but lacked motivation. Every time I had a routine physical, my doctor would remind me that the maximum normal weight for somebody my height was 188 pounds. That meant I was about 15 pounds overweight.

More to the point, my glucose levels were higher than they should have been, putting me at risk for Type 2 diabetes. I needed to cut out the carbohydrates and sweets.

Every time, I’d tell my doctor I was going to change my eating habits, lose weight and lower my blood sugar to a normal level.

But then I’d leave his office and go to lunch, where I’d be forced to decide between fried chicken and baked chicken, and between French fries and steamed broccoli.

That’s when I’d notice all the food around me that I wasn’t supposed to eat, and all the people eating it. And that’s when I started wondering how many Americans weighed what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended they should. Four?

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