How you can eat more but still lose weight

By Christina Jordan, master nutritionist

(3TV/CBS 5) – When I first began my journey to losing over 130+ pounds my first instinct was to cut calories and starve myself skinny. After all, that’s what the so-called “experts” requested I do.

I did try it their way for a very short time. I ate 500 calories or less a day, deprived myself and watched as my body began to revolt with dizzy spells, hair loss, dark eye circles, dull skin, crazy emotional mood swings and zero energy.

I would lose 10 pounds and then gain it right back a dozen times over. Eventually, my body was so out of balanced and in survival mode that even when I fasted and worked out for hours a day I would gain weight.


Nothing worked due to the years of diet abuse. I was done trying to be skinny! 

I eat five to six times per day and each meal was a healthy combo of lean protein, fruits, veggies and healthy fats. 

Guess what happened? I lost weight, stressed less, gained muscle, my hair grew back thicker, my skin looked more youthful, my energy skyrocketed and I felt amazing!

Within a year I had lost over 100 pounds and have easily maintained my new healthy weight for a decade while having children, raising three awesome kids and balancing marriage, work and family responsibilities.

My top 10 favorite foods for weight loss:

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