How To Control Food Cravings

For over 2 million years, until about 1970, we lived on a variety of wholesome omnivorous diets that kept us healthy and fit. But we’re having to fight for our dietary wellness now. No matter the strength of our commitment, we often find it difficult or impossible to stick with healthy eating habits; to eat regularly and well; to avoid reaching for comfort foods or a few glasses of wine, too often. With all the competing claims, it’s even difficult to know what a healthy diet should actually be.

It’s no wonder that we’re having such a hard time. It turns out that the food battle is a biochemical one, and the battleground is our brain. Most of us are now fighting for our inborn appetite-control and losing: Fifty percent of us are obese and another 50 percent are diabetic, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s mostly because not just one but five of our brain’s powerful appetite-regulating functions are being sabotaged by modern commercial foods.

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