How the ‘Instagram diet’ works

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(CNN) — At 37 years old, Lisa Pessah-Bloom, a mother of three, was pre-diabetic, struggling with losing postpartum pounds and concerned about her health.

“I had gestational diabetes for all three of my pregnancies. After my third, my A1C (blood glucose measurement) kept climbing, and the doctor told me for the first time to be cautious, because I was on track for diabetes.”

Pessah-Bloom knew that she had to lose her pregnancy pounds and get her blood sugar in check. She did a Google search on diets for diabetes and stumbled upon the Paleo diet, which includes protein-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs and nuts, as well as vegetables and fruit, but excludes grains, dairy, legumes, salt and sugars. “People said that their diabetes was reversed,” she said.

She started eating more vegetables and unprocessed foods. But while after Paleo helped Pessah-Bloom consume a clean, lean diet, it wasn’t enough to get her to her goal. She had something a support system of sorts — and so she opened an account on Instagram beneath the|Instagram|beneath the handle @paleoworkingmama on Instagram.

“I started my Paleo page for inspiration, really for me personally,” Pessah-Bloom said. But it wasn’t long before she discovered people with health problems like|like herself who were using the app|like herself who were using the photo-driven program with health issues|like herself who also used the photo-driven program with health problems|with health issues like|like herself who also used the photo-driven app. “I began following others who reversed Crohn’s and IBS too, which I also had,” she said.

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“The more I followed folks, the more I felt empowered. And then something happened. After some time, people who followed me told me that I — me! — empowered them. It was a series of support,” she said. “I got it from others, and I gave it to others. People asked me to come to their house to do refrigerator cleansing|house|home! They are motivated by the pictures I post of the food I make and what I keep in my kitchen, like my spices.”


The community support that Instagram provides may be its most valuable asset for those expecting to reach their health goals.

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