How Is Keto Cycling Different Than The Keto Diet?

It’s actually similar to carb cycling—where you alternate lower and higher carb days, often to go along with what type of workout you’re doing (think: high carb days for high-intensity workouts). The main difference: You don’t cut enough carbs (or eat enough fats) to go into ketosis with carb cycling.

How does keto cycling work?

While there are no formal studies testing out keto cycling, the theory is that it may help regulate your hormones, says Santos-Prowse. “There’s some indication that prolonged carb restriction may be disruptive to thyroid hormone levels, which can be particularly frustrating if you’re trying to do keto for weight loss,” he says. Cycling in and out of keto may help you avoid that problem.

It may also help you deal with that whole keto flu thing, where you feel miserable on the keto diet as you transition into that high-fat life. Adding in a day or two of carbs on the keto diet (which is basically what keto cycling is) might help to quell those miserable feelings like sluggishness and nausea.

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