How Is Keto Cycling Different Than The Keto Diet?

Just when you think the keto diet has run out of steam (seriously, how many more variations can there be??) some new #ketocontent pops up. This time: keto cycling.

All of these different keto plans—ACV and keto, keto reset—stem from the same idea: The OG keto diet is hard AF to follow. Yes, you can have butter and bacon, but you also have to drastically cut carbs and protein—so it makes sense why people would look for a shortcut (or just something to make the transition a little easier).

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So, keto cycling sets out to make your keto diet a little more bearable (read: easier to stick to)—but does it work?

All right, what exactly is keto cycling?

There’s not a standard definition to go by (even though everyone is talking about it). But, “most of the time, the definition is that you stick to strict carb-restricted keto diet five to six days a week and have one day that is either a cheat day or a planned day of higher carbs,” says Robert Santos-Prowse, R.D.N., author of The Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet.

Basically, keto cycling differs from a typical keto diet because you’re consuming more carbs than usual one day a week, in order to kick your body out of ketosis (only to go back into ketosis the next day).

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