How Exercise Helps People with MS

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Researchers are taking a look at all forms of exercise, from resistance training to yoga, as potential ways to assist people with their multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Exercise, once taboo for people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, is getting a lot of attention by researchers throughout the globe.

In a study out of Denmark published early this month, researchers concluded that resistance training may slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS) by improving brain volume.

Before 12 years, Ulrik Dalgas, the study’s lead investigator and an associate professor in the department of public health at Aarhus University, has studied the effects of exercise on MS.

While most studies have been regarding the protection of exercising with MS, today more are focusing on how exercise positively affects the illness.

“Among persons with multiple sclerosis, the brain shrinks markedly faster than normal,” Dalgas told Healthline. “Drugs can counter this development, but we saw a tendency that training further reduces brain shrinkage in patients already receiving medication. In addition, we saw that several smaller brain areas really started to grow in response to training.”

Making use of resistance training

Dalgas said the resistance training utilized for this study was quite conventional.

It comprised exercise machines targeting the lower extremities, as well as a few exercises for the upper body.

Dalgas added that all exercises were supervised by coaches to ensure they were done correctly.

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