How Eating Beans Instead of Beef Will Save You and the Planet

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By Susan Levin

Because the world’s second largest greenhouse fuel emitter, the USA’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement drastically curbs international efforts to struggle global warming. However involved People don’t should feel powerless. It turns out that straightforward decisions we make day-after-day—or 3 times a day—have the facility to assist shield our planet.

Just lately, researchers from Loma Linda University launched a new study finding that if People merely replaced the beef of their diets with beans, the U.S. would immediately reach as much as 75 % of its greenhouse fuel emissions discount targets for 2020. It confirms what we’ve recognized for a while: To guard our warming planet, we should begin shifting animal products, like meat, cheese and eggs off of our plates. Animal agriculture now contributes more to international warming than all types of transportation mixed.

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