How Does The Green Beverage Help Manage Blood Sugar

1. Spinach is non-starchy and has a very low-carbohydrate content. Did you know that one cup of raw spinach contains 1 gram of carbs? It is said that refined carb foods cause your blood glucose levels to rise as they get metabolised quickly. 
2. Spinach is also dubbed as a diabetes superfood by the American Diabetes Association. It is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It is packed with dietary fibres and also possesses a very low glycaemic index. The glycaemic load of a bowlful of spinach is almost zero, which makes it very useful in lowering blood pressure and support stable blood glucose levels. 
3. Spinach is very low in calories. One cup of raw spinach contains only 7 calories. Diabetics are often advised to keep a check on their weight. According to a latest study, losing just 5-10 percent of your body weight could make your diabetes management very easy. 


Here’s How To Make Spinach Juice


Make sure you pick fresh spinach leaves. Wash and clean them well.Take an apple, take out the seeds and cut it into small pieces. Now, take a blender and put in your spinach leaves, apple and some water. You can add a dash of lemon juice to it for taste. Blend the juice in blender, until smooth. Now, place a fine mesh strainer over a container and pour the juice. 

Try including this juice in your diabetes diet; make sure you consult your expert beforehand. 

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