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Holy month no time for crash diets, doctors say

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ABU DHABI // Docs have warned mother and father that young individuals can fall prey to crash diets during Ramadan, in the hope of fast weight loss.

Many people, mostly youths, use the holy month to limit their meals consumption and don’t eat the required nutrients between iftar and suhoor, dieticians stated.

“I’ve had instances the place mother and father have been complaining about their teenage youngsters, around the age of 14, saying they do not eat any-thing, skip their breakfast and work out on an empty abdomen hoping to shed weight,” stated Dr Juliot Vinolia, a medical dietician at Medeor 24×7 Hospital.

“The metabolic price in teenagers is sort of excessive compared with adults. They want a lot more vitamins and the deficiency of any can have an effect on their progress.”

Though Ramadan fasting is sweet for the physique, it needs to be executed the best method, Dr Vinolia stated.

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