High blood pressure symptoms and signs: Can you fly with hypertension? | Health | Life & Style

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, does not always have noticeable symptoms, but when signs do show, they can include a severe headache, fatigue or confusion, vision problems, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and blood in the urine.

More than one in four adults in the UK ave high blood pressure, according to the NHS, although may won’t realise it.

But for people who have been diagnosed with the condition, is it safe to fly?

Blood Pressure UK states on its website that having hypertension shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a globe-trotting lifestyle.

It adds: “All forms of standard travel, including flying, are generally fine i you have high blood pressure and it is well controlled.”

But one precaution it recommends you take before travelling is to visit your doctor.

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