Here’s How High Blood Pressure Can Affect Your Eyes

High blood pressure can do critical damage to your heart. But it affects other parts of the body, too, including the eyes. Believe it or not, when you don’t take care of your heart, you may be causing harm elsewhere, too. Here’s how blood pressure can affect your eyes.
High blood pressure can cause eye damage. | dimid_86/Getty Images

Hypertension damages blood vessels in the retina

When you have high blood pressure, it means the pressure of the blood pushing against your artery walls is greater than normal. This can be caused by several things, but it’s most commonly genetics or a high-sodium diet. When you eat too much sodium, your kidneys can’t filter your blood properly. As a result, the blood cells retain water, making it harder for them to push through your arteries. Your artery walls, similar to a muscle, get stronger and thicker to keep up with the harder work of pushing blood through. When the artery walls get too thick, they cause a blockage.

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