Healthy diabetic diets that are most popular

Lacto-vegetarian: With this subset, your diet will consist primarily of the same aforementioned plant-based foods. However, dairy products, such as yogurt, milk and cheese will also be included. All meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and eggs, still, will be avoided.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian: This diet is similar to the previous vegetarian diet. However, eggs are also included. With subset, the only foods avoided are meat, poultry, fish and seafood.

Initial studies have shown vegetarian/vegan diets reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer and, of course, diabetes.

2 Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet primarily is comprised of plant-based foods, similar to the vegetarian and vegan diets. However, small amounts of fish, poultry and dairy products are included. Olive oil typically is the main source of fat in this diet. Red meat is limited.

Research has shown the Mediterranean diet can protect against heart disease, stroke and cancer. In addition, it may improve blood-sugar levels, as well as lead to weight loss.

3 The diabetes plate

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