Health risks caused by early puberty: Heart problems, Anorexia, Depression, Diabetes and more

Higher levels of anxiety and depression

Children, especially girls who hit early puberty are at a higher risk of falling into depression or suffering from anxiety of one of the many kinds due to the hormonal imbalance they go through too soon in their lives. According to a study conducted by the Millennium Cohort Study,¬†such problems have been associated with social inequality experienced due to early puberty. Read –¬†Pregnancy tips: 3 makeup ingredients to avoid when you’re pregnant

Self-esteem and body image

Another major psychological health effect attributed to early puberty is low self-esteem and body shaming that girls who hit early puberty experience. They are body shamed because of which they lose confidence and feel conscious about their bodies, so much so that it affects their social life and also their physical health as they become too conscious to play sports or run around.

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