Great Leaders Eat Lunch

What happens to your leadership when you skip a meal?

If you become tired, irritable and confused when you have a blood sugar drop, you won’t be able to offer rational, grounded leadership. You may get impatient, a bit snippy or downright angry. And this has a larger impact on trust and respect. Solid leaders maintain their composure. They eat lunch.

I am a smaller person with a pretty fast metabolism. I have to eat small meals frequently or I’ll pay a price. I used to skip breakfast, mostly because I don’t really love breakfast food, and, secondly, because I rarely feel hungry before 10:30 am. My rationale was that another cup of coffee would carry me through to lunch. Then I started getting feedback about my impatience and irritation with team members. I also felt critical, though I thought I was doing a decent enough job hiding it. I wasn’t. My judgments of others were coming across clearly. So, I made myself and others a promise that I would eat something for breakfast before 9 am. And it has made all the difference.

Companies know the value of lunch

Some companies are so convinced of the need for lunch that they provide it for their team members. Tech companies like Google, Dropbox, and Apple offer free lunches for employees that are in-house, gourmet and amazing. By creating beautiful cafeterias with ambiance, they give employees a chance to sit down together.

Maybe you don’t skip lunch, but you grab something and sit back down to work while you eat.  Yes, this will keep you from a big blood sugar drop, but you won’t break the trance.

Get up.  Take a real break.  Walk outside and interact with people. It will clear your head and refocus you before you go back into the deep work – which is an important thing to do if you’re doing high-level work.

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