Gastric bypass cures and prevents type 2 diabetes in some

SALT LAKE, UT (ABC4UTAH) –Gastric bypass not only helps with long term weight loss but it can be life saving.
A new study shows it can prevent diabetes along with other life threatening ailments.
The study was co-authored by doctors at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.
Researchers followed patients for 12 years after surgery. The study found that in half of their patients the surgery cured their type 2 diabetes and even prevented those at high risk from ever getting the condition in the first place.

39-year-old Amanda Hughes was considered morbidly obese.  She was pre-diabetic, weighed in at 320 pounds with a body mass index of 50.
“even tying my shoes was hard.”

Nearly 4 years ago, she had gastric bypass surgery. Amanda was not part of the 12 year study but she’s had the same positive healthy and better quality of life results, post surgery.

“My life has completely changed after surgery. I have my life back. I was a spectator in life. My husband and son would go bike riding and now I go riding bikes with them.”

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