From Keto to Whole30: Experts Reveal the Risks of Today’s Trendy Diets

taking care of their minds and bodies in 2018.


Pretty much everyone has heard of, or maybe even tried, a fad diet. Whether you were all about Atkins, keep a secret Pinterest board of Keto-friendly Instant Pot recipes, maintain a steady rotation of one-pot Paleo lunches, or tried the Whole30 diet for yourself, trendy meal plans that purport to jumpstart your metabolism and make you feel amazing may seem like a win-win. But there are reasons for concern over diets that require people to heavily restrict caloric intake or cut out certain foods altogether, and the implications can affect more than just your waist size. Here’s why some experts say that dieting is not always the healthy lifestyle choice it is made out to be.

Marisa Moore, a registered dietitian nutritionist based in Atlanta, Georgia, tells Brit + Co that the nutritional health payoff of a diet depends on the specifics of what you are or are not eating. That said, her general rule of thumb for people looking to shave off a few pounds or overhaul their nutritional intake is to make realistic big-picture lifestyle tweaks instead of seeking drastic short-term solutions.

“I get requests all the time for a meal plan, something really rigid to follow,” she tells us. “I generally don’t find that these are a good fit. For me, it’s more important to make lifestyle changes to achieve goals. It’s not a quick fix, it’s not going to be something you go on then go off once you reach a certain weight.”

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