Food for thought: Science Cafe presentation discusses diet decision making

The latest edition of Science Café at K-State was held at the Aggieville Radina’s on Tuesday. Catherine Steele, a graduate student in the psychological sciences, discussed her research over the relationships between human impulsivity, diet, health and other decision-making factors.

“Why is it that 30 percent of Americans are considered obese? I think there is a disconnect that knowing about diet and nutrition is not enough to actually change our behavior,” Steele said. “That’s where my work comes in.”

Steele said that what we eat has an impact on our day to day decisions involving our patience or impulsiveness. Single instances of impulsivity may not be effective but an accumulation of impulsive choices over time may lead to poor health.

“It is suggested that there are actually 35,000 choices that we make in a single day. In terms of food choices, we’ve got 200,” Steele said.

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