Fighting with diabetes? Staying active is what you need

World diabetes day is celebrated each year on November 14.

There is a strong link between exercise and sugar levels in diabetes. Basic lifestyle changes and regular exercise can help you manage diabetes.

Ranging from sugar control to weight management, staying active offers great benefits. Many studies aimed at finding an answer to this have concluded the positive impact of exercise on your sugar levels.

Exercise in diabetes type 1 is as important as in type 2, says Dr Walia Murshida Huda (Senior Medical Officer, Healthians, MBBS. MBA(H.C.A),FICM)

– Better sugar control

Sugar control is the main focus of diabetes management and exercise can help you with that. You must never miss it. Exercise in diabetes type 1 must be planned in accordance with insulin doses to avoid excessively low sugar levels. Regardless of the type of diabetes, regular exercises and being physically active can help to control blood sugar levels. It helps to reduce insulin resistance and improves effective use of glucose.

– Elevated mood

Stress is by and large known to trigger a rise in blood sugar levels. If you stay active and keep yourself busy with exercises or some physical activity, you are sure to enjoy an improved mood. Exercise works as the best stress management tool, also because it helps to release the feel good hormones, which you need to most to keep mood swings away.

– Better overall health


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