Female-owned Red Mountain Weight Loss sets milestone

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Dr. Suzanne Bentz, medical director and founder of Red Mountain Weight Loss.

A leader in medical weight loss as 1995, Red Mountain Weight Loss  only announced the grand opening of its 10th Arizona place in Chandler on Thursday, Aug. 24 at the Southwest corner of this 101 Freeway and Chandler Blvd.

Together with many different medical weight loss applications and facial aesthetics, Red Mountain proudly brings its signature “RM3® Program” to the new 3,412-square-foot Chandler place which can employ 20 Full and Part-Time employees.   Adding Chandler’s staff brings the business’s statewide employee total to 225 thus far.

Dr. Suzanne Bentz, the medical director and founder of Red Mountain Weight Loss®, the biggest weight loss clinic in the Southwest, owns and operates nine additional locations throughout Arizona (of which, eight are Valley-based). For more than 20 years, Dr. Bentz, a Board Certified Bariatric Doctor, and her group of dedicated medical professionals have been providing expert care for tens of thousands of individuals throughout the state.  

Dr. Bentz attributes her success to the team she has assembled that helps their patients to achieve and maintain an optimal and healthy weight for a lifetime through the standard of care she refers to as   The Red Mountain Way.

In Red Mountain Weight Loss, we do things in a really different way unlike any other weight loss centre, said Dr. Bentz. “We have a special collection of services, programs and products that we provide in a setting unlike any other.”

“It is how we help our patients achieve their weight loss goals, she said. “It is the way we create a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.   The Red Mountain Way is the standard by which we measure ourselves and it’s the essence of our company as we hope to deliver only the best customer service each and every day.”

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RESPECT FOR PEOPLE — We treat people like we want to be treated… with respect and kindness. Individuals losing weight|People|Individuals need encouragement, not judgment|Encouragement, not judgment is needed by individuals losing weight|people|individuals.  

MEDICALLY PROVEN — We offer a variety of programs, which are clinically proven to help patients lose weight safely — without surgery.

WEIGHT LOSS IS OUR SPECIALTY — In Red Mountain, our patients’ weight loss programs are under the care of a Bariatric Doctor, with a plan customized to each person’s specific health or lifestyle needs.  

LUXURIOUS SETTING — Spa-like environment with 5-star customer service from a staff dedicated to supporting every patient along their weight loss journey.

Red Mountain Weight Loss® launched its proprietary RM3® Medical Weight Loss Program in early 2014. RM3® is a 3-Step comprehensive program, designed to assist patients lose weight quicker and help sustain their weight loss over time. RM3® features a patented prescription medication, a medically supervised diet plan, fat burning shots, supplements, and antioxidants known to cause effective weight loss. The exclusive medication represents an exciting advancement in medical weight loss that is recognized as “The Next Generation in Weight Loss”. RM3® is only available by prescription and just at Red Mountain Weight Loss®.

Much like other programs in Red Mountain Weight Loss®, RM3® is designed to offer amazing weight loss results for their patients. For RM3®, they have custom-made and patented a premium prescription medicine that comprises a novel ingredient proven to accelerate weight loss beyond other options alone. They’ve bundled this with a series of “Fat Burning Shots” and an on-going “RM3® Control Kit” to assist patients sustain their weight loss. The RM3® program is safe for both men and women. The tests Red Mountain Weight reduction has conducted on the RM3® program have|Have been tremendously|been successful. Typically their patients have lost up to 20 or more pounds per month. Individual results may vary as determined by each individual’s metabolism, their compliance with the diet, and the overall quantity of weight required to lose.  

to learn more on RM3® or any of the other medical weight loss programs at Red Mountain Weight Loss®, see any of their Valleywide locations including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Arcadia, Scottsdale, Glendale or Arrowhead, or at www.redmountainweightloss.com.

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