FDA Approves Medtronic’s CGM System for Type 2 Diabetes

“Newer sensors paired with intelligent algorithms that help to both predict and understand glucose excursions, particularly hypoglycemia, will make diabetes safer and more comprehensible for people who inject insulin,” Bailey said. “Greater utilization of smarter CGM systems promises to allow our patients to achieve more glycemic time-in-range and to further reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.”

The system also has telehealth capabilities, as it provides real-time glucose tracking capabilities and text message alerts for patients, their loved ones, or care providers. Guardian Connect users will also be able to use the “Sugar.IQ” program from IBM Watson Health — a software that analyzes patient glucose level-response to diet, insulin doses, daily routines, and other lifestyle factors.

Annette Brüls, Preisdent of the Diabetes Service and Solutions at Medtronic, said the newest approval fills a crucial gap in glucose highs and lows protection.

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