Extreme weight loss: Obese mum sheds 9st 7lbs in 18 months by quitting THIS drink


BEFORE: At her heaviest Claudia tipped the scales at 20st 7lbs

Claudia Cattani shed nearly 9st 7lbs in just 18 months after ditching her Coke Zero habit.

The nutrition student came from humble beginnings and was uneducated about healthy eating.

The mum-of-three would regularly eat fast food and guzzle more than two litres of fizzy pop every day.

Her unhealthy habits and lack of exercise saw her balloon to 20st 7lbs and a UK size 32.

before and after weight loss

TRANSFORMATION: The mum-of-three has shed nearly 9st 7lbs

“I come from a family without great resources and care with food. I’ve always been fed wrong; eating lots of treats and coke,” said Claudia.

“I was addicted to Coke Zero, consuming more than two litres a day.”

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