Epilepsy, hypertension among diseases that can deny one a driver’s license :: Kenya


PSV drivers protest new generation license fee

The medical tests will also include the drivers’ heart condition as well as sleep, alcohol and drug-related disorders.

The tests will also look out for a driver’s susceptibility to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

Kibogong said NTSA would work closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure that only those who were fit were allowed on the road.

“In some cases, it does not make sense to even allow you to train as a driver when we know you are not fit,” said Kibogong.

He however insisted that the mandatory health clearance should not be viewed as discrimination against certain conditions.


“In most of these cases, it is just about correcting them. For example, for poor eyesight, you can be given glasses and you will be fine. There are only a few conditions that we may not allow,” he said.

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