Eat Less to Live Longer?

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That is one in a collection of stories; go to The Every day Meal Particular Report: The Quest for Longevity (and What Food Has to Do With It) for more.

The search for eternal youth is nothing new. For as long as humans have endured the ravages of time, they have sought methods to elude them. Historic Greeks believed that ambrosia and nectar stored the gods immortal, and would impart longevity upon those that consumed them. The legendary eighteenth-century Comte de St-Germain was reputed to have consumed an “Elixir of Life” (a tea made out of tartrate crystals, a legume referred to as senna, and elderflower, among different things) to permit him to stay ageless.

Even in trendy occasions, the mechanisms of growing older remain mysterious. The countless attainable routes to longevity stay the main target of numerous scientific studies. Just lately, the conversation has expanded: “It’s not only about extending chronological life, but in addition extending the healthy years,” says Basil Hubbard, a molecular biologist at Harvard Medical Faculty.

Calorie restriction (or CR) has been studied as a way to do exactly that. However what exactly is calorie restriction, and the way does it work?

It all begins with the ills of the fashionable food regimen. Not only have humans drastically increased their consumption of processed foods, preservatives, and sugar over the past century, we now reside in a world with 24-hour entry to food. We eat all through the day, and lengthy into the night time. In accordance with a study discussed in the Los Angeles Times, “People’ erratic, round the clock eating patterns … have in all probability contributed to an epidemic of obesity and Sort 2 diabetes.” Evolutionarily, this fixed inflow of meals is a reasonably current prevalence. For hundreds of years, people have been hunter-gatherers, typically subsisting for lengthy durations of time with out a lot meals. It is such intermittent fasting that scientists consider might be the key to increased longevity.

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