Easy Ways to Prevent High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an incredibly exciting time for the family expecting — but as you know, it can also come with a wealth of complications. From gestational diabetes to trouble maintaining a healthy weight, breezing through pregnancy isn’t always the case for all women. And for some, high blood pressure while with child is a major health concern.

What is gestational hypertension?

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Healthline explains when you have high blood pressure, your numbers are greater than or equal to 140/90 mm Hg. And while some women may already have hypertension prior to their pregnancy, other women develop it later on. As for gestational hypertension, the Mayo Clinic notes women who have this develop it after 20 weeks of pregnancy. For some, this means preeclampsia is also a concern, which can further damage organs and can lead to fatal complications.

High blood pressure is never good, but pregnant women should be particularly vigilant in keeping their numbers in a healthy range. The Mayo Clinic explains hypertension can cause there to be decreased blood flow to the placenta or premature delivery, and it can also cause the placenta to separate from the inner wall of the uterus before you’re ready to deliver the baby. Additionally, high blood pressure during pregnancy means you’re at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease later on.

Easy ways to prevent it

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There are times when developing high blood pressure is beyond your control (Healthline notes if you’re carrying more than one child at once, this may increase your risk, for example). But there are plenty of other factors that are totally within your grasp. If you want to keep your numbers healthy, here’s what you can do:

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