E-Cigarettes Increase Systolic Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease Risk: Study

By: Devon Andre | Health News | Wednesday, July 11, 2018 – 10:27 AM

A new study has compared the risk of e-cigarettes on cardiovascular disease with the risk caused by traditional cigarettes. The researchers also compared the effects of e-cigarettes with nicotine versus those that are nicotine-free.

The participants were separated into experimental groups of either smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or nicotine-free e-cigarettes. The researchers took vitals from the participants of the study before and after they had smoked either a cigarette, e-cigarette, or nicotine free e-cigarette. The vitals were measured for a period of two hours, from before the smoking commenced, during the smoking period, and for additional time after smoking had stopped. The researchers defined the smoking period as five minutes, the average length of time for smoking one cigarette, for all the groups.

The results showed that the participants who smoked the e-cigarettes containing nicotine had similar or the same vitals as those who smoked the regular cigarettes. This included cardiovascular elevation and increased blood pressure for a long period after smoking had stopped. Peripheral systolic blood pressure was significantly increased for 45 minutes after participants smoked an e-cigarette and for 15 minutes after smoking a regular cigarette.

Those who smoked the e-cigarettes also showed an increased heart rate, an increase of 8 percent for the first 30 minutes after smoking. There was also a raised heart rate in the participants who smoked the regular cigarettes for 30 minutes after smoking and there was no significant increase shown in those who used the nicotine-free e-cigarettes. “The increased parameters within the nicotine-containing devices might be a link to an increased cardiovascular risk which is well known for cigarettes,” wrote the researchers.

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