Drug for battling overdoses may also relieve pain

Joe and Teresa Graedon answer readers’ letters. This week: low-dose naltrexone for relieving pain; aspirin and heart attacks; blood-pressure medications and gout.

Q: I have dealt with body pain for many years. Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, my pain increased gradually over the years, and I just dealt with it. I wasn’t using meds, because I seem to have so many side effects from them.

This summer my doctor put me on low-dose naltrexone. It is not an opioid.

Medical oversight is essential for people switching from opioids to low-dose naltrexone. Not all doctors know about LDN, so it is essential to find a doctor who is experienced in prescribing this medicine. LDN has definitely helped me with my pain. I can even think and do activities. I have not noticed any side effects.

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