Drinking Diet Soda, Is it Good For You?

Tea without Sweetener

Black tea offers a bit of a caffeine boost, while herbal teas give a fruity flavor without caffeine.  Learning to drink tea without sweetener is a great way to provide yourself with a treat that’s safe for people with diabetes. Many people find that if they cut back slowly on sweetener, they’ll eventually develop a taste for the tea and won’t need it to be sweetened at all.

Infused Water

Add slices of flavorful low carb items to a pitcher of ice cold water and keep it in the fridge. Cucumber, mint, raspberry, and so many more options can keep things interesting when it comes to drinking water. 


So, should you be drinking diet soda?

Overall, drinking a diet soda every once in a while is not the worst thing you can do. In general, however, finding a healthier alternative to soda (diet or regular) is a small step you can take toward creating new habits that will help you feel better.

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