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Dr. Magryta: Carbohydrates and exercise

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By request, I am going to address the issues of nutrition and exercise, as this is the time of year when kids ramp up with sports. Far too often children are eating poor quality|quality|excellent nourishment and suffering the negative effects on conditioning|children suffering the negative effects on conditioning and are eating poor quality|quality|excellent nourishment|poor quality|quality|excellent nourishment is being eaten by children and suffering the negative effects on conditioning|children are eating quality nourishment that is poor and suffering the effects on conditioning.

Over the next few weeks, I will look at different macro nutrients, timing of ingestion and their effects on function.

Carbohydrates and exercise:-LRB-********)

One of the keys to improved exercise functionality is proper nutrition. Modern professional athletes are figuring this out. Many clubs now|teams|clubs employ chefs and nutritionists in order to meet with the athletes’ needs and help their players excel.

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