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‘Doing Cardio’ Doesn’t Always Mean ‘Losing Weight.’ Here’s Why.

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When guys set out to start losing weight, their mission often begins in a single acquainted place: the treadmill.

In truth, this previous health club touchstone—that cardio = weight loss—is so well-worn that it’s practically a regulation of the universe. We hear guys say it time and again: “I have to hold my weight down, so I am going to do more cardio.” Then they trundle over to their fitness center’s Treadmill Row, flick on ESPN, and settle in for 45 minutes of principally disagreeable sweating.

But this is the factor: That is not essentially true. Cardio does not essentially translate to reducing weight. Actually, one might argue that they’re two completely totally different modes of training.

“I feel a lot of people take a look at cardio as the straightforward method out towards weight reduction,” says Matthew Ibrahim, C.S.C.S., a power coach at Boston Underground Power Training. “Going for a run outside or on the treadmill without any path or particular objective is straightforward to do, and we frequently see individuals who do that for years with none real physique composition change.”

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