Does grapefruit make blood pressure plummet?

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Individuals’s Pharmacy also tackles the zolpidem-heartburn relationship, and buying prescriptions in Canada.

Q. I take nifedipine for hypertension. These days the drugs wasn’t controlling my blood strain, so my doctor added lisinopril. That brought the blood strain down, nevertheless it made me cough.

Once I went back to my physician, she dropped the lisinopril and increased the dose of nifedipine. My BP was within the 150/90 vary, nonetheless on the excessive aspect.

My drugs bottle says to “avoid grapefruit,” however the past few weeks I gave in to temptation and purchased a number of. I continued my medicine and ate a grapefruit each day. My blood strain readings have been great: 118/67, 126/72, 114/68!

Once I ran out of grapefruit, I was shocked to see the readings climb once more. So now I have to go get extra grapefruit.

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A. Dozens of medicines are affected by grapefruit. They embrace some cholesterol-lowering medicine (atorvastatin, lovastatin, simvastatin), heart-rhythm medicines (amiodarone, dronedarone) and blood-pressure drugs (felodipine, nifedipine).

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