Difference between keto and paleo diet: a dietician explains.

Full-fat dairy is allowed on the Keto diet, but must may still need to be limited, as lactose is a naturally occurring sugar and can increase your total carb intake pretty quickly.

Paleo doesn’t include dairy and many paleo-eaters claim lactose to be the devil – supposedly promoting insulin resistance and weight gain. As a dietitian, I’d like to step in and say this is not the case. I’m cautious of any diet that completely exclude food groups and there’s little research to support total dairy restriction, except for those who are allergic or intolerant.

4. The end goal.

The biggest difference between the two is the desired outcome. The Keto diet is designed to put your body into ketosis, manipulating your metabolism and accelerating fat loss. Ketosis is a very fragile state, so the total carbs you consume must to be kept extremely low, and if you consume too much, you’ll quickly jeopardise any benefit of the diet.

The paleo diet may still result in weight loss, but this occurs in a different way. Fat and protein are very satiating, so you might feel fuller for longer, meaning potentially fewer calories are consumed, so the weight loss would be the result of reduced calorie consumption.

But – it is also possible, that you mightn’t necessarily lose weight on the paleo diet, or not as quickly as you would on the Ketogenic diet, particularly if you choose to have a high intake of both fats and natural starches.

At the end of the day removing processed foods will also always be looked upon favourably, it’s the basis of any healthy eating plan.

Current Evidence.

Paleo hasn’t been around long enough to sufficiently analyse the long-term effects. Excluding dairy for any extended period of time is not something I support, and the high meat intake could also be questioned. A diet high in saturated fat and animal protein has been linked to increased risk of kidney, heart and bowel disease.

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