Diet should promote constructive discussions, not just attack govt

The Yomiuri ShimbunThe government is preoccupied with handling scandals, while the opposition parties are preoccupied with criticizing the government. The current situation facing the Diet — which has fallen short of meeting the expectations of the people — must be rectified so that the legislature becomes a place for a constructive battle of words.

Intensive discussions have been held in Budget Committee sessions at both chambers of the Diet in which the opposition parties focused on issues over the establishment of a veterinary science department by school corporation Kake Educational Institution. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated his denial of being wrongfully involved in the matter.

Tadao Yanase, a former executive secretary to Abe, told the Diet that he had not reported to the prime minister meetings he had with figures tied to the school corporation three years earlier.

Regarding the opposition’s assertion that it is “unnatural” to have not reported the meetings to the prime minister, Abe said, “I don’t even receive reports about people visiting my secretaries.” He needs to carefully explain all the facts of the case from now on.

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