Diet for women after 40

As you approach 40, it is important to know that aging does not have to equal weight gain. Dr Joseph Nsengiyumva, a gynaecologist at Bethany Women’s Hospital in Luzira, says some women are likely to gain weight due to a drop in activity and hormonal changes which cause a shift in body composition such as slow metabolism.
“In most cases, this is the time forgetfulness, impatience, hot flashes, low energy, less libido, will all set in for most women but how you eat and live contribute significantly to how you transition into the menopause stage,” he says.

Women in their middle age also have a genuine need for calcium as well Vitamin D required for its proper absorption. At this stage, the oestrogen levels in the body start to fall, which leads to unexplained weight gain.
Dr Nsengiyumva says, “With less oestrogen in the body, the bones do not absorb enough calcium so they start to weaken, leading to bone degeneration. The body has greater need of calcium intake to help reduce your risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures as you age.”

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