Diet, exercise can have impact on diabetes – News –

“Carb control is a key component of our program’s diet plan,” said LaFleur. “People think carbs are only in starchy foods like potatoes and pasta, but it is not true. Dairy, some fruits and vegetables are a source of carbs. We teach our clients to add whole grains, lean protein and a vegetable to balance out the meal.”

LaFleur said the patients they have been working with are seeing favorable results.

“By controlling their diet, and being more active, they are losing weight,” said LaFleur. “They feel better. We are able see patients who are already on medication make positive changes. Their blood sugars are better controlled.”

The plan is not for everyone, but LaFleur said she believes it is worth exploring.

“Some patients will still need medication, but in most cases, we can control the amount they will need,” said LaFleur. “We will work to personalize their diet plan to meet their needs and likes. A diet is not going to work if the person is not going to eat what we suggest. We try to provide options and we can find a plan for most adults.”

People interested in the program will need a referral from their own doctors. To learn more, call (603) 334-2006.

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