Diet, exercise can have impact on diabetes – News –

In January, the bariatric program also launched an Optifast weight-loss program. LaFleur said it is intended for both diabetics and those whose weight puts them at risk for diabetes and other conditions.

“It is also for patients who do not qualify for bariatric surgery but are still committed to losing weight,” said LaFleur. “The program helps patients reduce the stimuli they have surrounding food. “We prescribe a 12-week diet and provide what they will eat for the 12 weeks. It helps them to control their eating habits and most will lose some weight.”

The ultimate goal is to help people learn healthy eating habits. LaFleur said the plan is structured so it is not hard to follow, and it includes between-meals snacks.

Finally, Sandy Madden, a certified diabetes educator, will help patients learn better ways to manage their day-to-day diets, and LaFleur said that for a diabetic, the result can be better control in medication, including how much is needed on a daily basis.

“We find that structure works best,” said LaFleur. “We advise patients to eat at consistent times. The structured diet work much better than what patients might have been doing, like maybe eating breakfast, skipping lunch and then eating a big dinner with a lot of carbs.”

Carb overload is the bane of many diets. LaFleur said that when a person overloads on carbs, the body must overcompensate to deal with the diet.

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