Diet diabetes type 2 menu for the week + recipes dietary dishes

Diabetes type 2 is the cause of the increased risk of stroke, heart attack, other heart and vascular diseases; causes a disruption of blood circulation and the appearance of loss of sensation in the limbs, kidney and eyes.

As the experience and practice, timely treatment, use of diet avoids many dangers and live a long and happy life of a common man.

It would seem that can be easier – to exclude from the diet all foods that provoke an increase of blood sugar and all diabetes will not develop and does not create problems. But the problem is that these starvation diets don’t to be able to withstand not what a diabetic patient person, but healthy is not. All you need to do is follow the menu and diet, carefully record all the results in my journal, and according to the obtained data, to adjust the diet, the quantity of the products.

Diet for type 2 diabetes – this is not a measure that you can temporarily apply it all of your life and how you are willing to adhere to all rules of the diet, and will depend on the quality and length of life.

The most important rule – strict adherence to menu and diet and only in this case you will avoid complications, obtain effective results.

As the statistics – nearly eighty percent of diabetics with the second type is people who are obese, so food must be low calorie in order that the weight of the patient is quickly stabilized and returned to normal.

The second rule – the prevention of sugar increase after a meal, in other words, patients should not prevent the emergence of postprandial hyperglycemia.

When a person suffering from diabetes, recovers and loses weight, it not only achieves its main purpose of lowering the blood sugar level but also reduces the cholesterol levels, normalizes blood pressure.

Important to know: patients with type 2 diabetes should eat small portions 5-6 times a day, allowing you to defeat hunger, to stabilise sugar levels. Decreases the risk of hypoglycemia. At the same time, the patient can eat three times a day, getting the same positive results, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient with diabetes.

If the diabetic has no excessive body weight, then limit yourself to the calorie content in the food is not worth it, just need to strictly observe the sugar in blood in norm is practiced fractional food and refraining from the ingestion of simple carbohydrates.

Diet diet

When using diet to everyone, as normal weight and overweight, it is recommended to include in your diet:

moderate amounts of high-quality vegetable fats;
seafood and fish;
fiber of a different type (bread made of wheat flour, herbs, vegetables, fruits).
You should keep a balance of content in the diet of essential nutrients:

carbohydrates (complex) from 5 to 55%;
fats (preferably vegetable), but not above 30%;
proteins (both plant and animal origin) 15 to 20%.
The number of technologically processed fats such as margarine, sauces, confectionaries, it is necessary to minimize, if possible, even drop. These substances provoke atherosclerosis, cancer, disorders of the immune system.

Forbidden foods in a diet for type 2:

mayonnaise and sour cream;
semi-finished products;
lamb and pork;
dairy products with high fat content;
fatty cheese.
Permitted foods:

foods with fiber;
milk and dairy products (not fat);
meat and fish (not fatty);
vegetables and fruits with low sugar content.
Important to know: no less significant in the diet is and processing products, in which you have to remove fat from the meat, poultry skin, steamed, broiled and baked, preferably in its own juice, or 1 tbsp (15 ml) vegetable oil.

Diet menu for 7 days

Breakfast: carrot salad 70 g, butter 5 g, milk oatmeal 200 g, tea is not sweet;

Second Breakfast: tea is not sweet, Apple;

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