Diabetes Health Type 2: 225-pound weight loss helps single mom beat medication-induced diabetes

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the drug she was prescribed, acetazolamide, led to what her doctor called medication-induced type 2 diabetes.

But the longtime single mom who was used to working 12-hour nursing shifts and shuttling two boys to travel soccer practice had neither the time nor energy to deal with her weight problem.

It wasn’t until watching an episode of “Dr. Oz” that she finally confronted the reality of her situation: Her father had died at 42 of a cerebral aneurysm caused by hypertension and atherosclerosis. At 35, her health problems were escalating, along with her weight. She couldn’t bear the thought of missing all her sons’ milestones that her dad had missed with her.

“I just laid on my bed and cried,” says Giddens, now a clinical coordinator at a hospice in Fort Wayne, Ind. “My two boys are my whole world.”

Seven years and 225 pounds later, Giddens is now 42, the same age her father was when he died. A CrossFit competitor who can deadlift 325 pounds, she’s in the best shape of her adult life.

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